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Why You Should Leave Boat Detailing to the Pros

If you are like most people, you probably wash your car a couple times a week. Maybe you even go to a professional auto detailer for an extra special touch on your vehicle. However, the chances are that you also have a boat, motorcycle, or some other form of transportation that you want to keep looking good.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is believing that because someone can detail a car, they can do a good job detailing a boat. The truth is that boats are made of a variety of materials, and each requires specific products and techniques for optimum results. The best way to ensure your boat is treated with the care it deserves is by having years of experience.

There are many benefits to having your boat professionally detailed. Not only does it keep your boat looking great, but it also helps prevent oxidation and other problems. Regular detailing can also catch small problems before they become severe and expensive to fix.

Whether you are planning a trip in your boat or hosting a party, having your boat properly detailed will impress everyone who sees it. You can choose to do your boat detailing yourself, but you will find that it is much easier to let the professionals handle it for you. They have the knowledge, equipment and products needed to get the job done right the first time.

Our complete boat detailing package includes a thorough exterior wash, surface clay to remove contaminants, custom compound or high-speed polishing, hand cream wax, moldings and trim cleaned and sealed, doorjambs cleaned and waxed, wheels polished and dressed, plus an interior detail including vacuuming and windows washed, carpets/mats and seats shampooed and conditioned, dashboards and consoles clean and conditioned. Finished with a ceramic protectant for long-lasting shine and protection. We also offer a quick detail service for those between detailing appointments. This is a fast and simple wash that leaves your boat with an impressive finish but doesn’t include any of the buffing or waxing services. Contact Black Tip Detailing today!

We provide a full range
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